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About the DNC Emails and the Election

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There are nearly 400,000 comments on the blog. Every once in a while, some critic pops in to say that the blog is an “echo chamber” where everyone agrees. That is ridiculous. We agree about the dangers of privatization and the absurdity of teacher-bashing, but we have vigorous disagreements on many other topics.

Right now, there is a raging debate about the election. Many readers of the blog are passionate supporters of Bernie Sanders. Hillary supporters are fearful of awakening their wrath. Just read the last couple of days of comments, which are dominated with angry comments about Hillary, the Democratic party, and the failure of democracy. We have even had a few Trump trolls, who pop in to offer an incendiary comment linked to a far-right website. Sometimes, they recommend voting for Trump as the only one who will end Common Core, or they just stick to smearing Hillary. Their goal is consistent: Vote for Trump.

I let the arguments rage, although I have put the obvious Trump trolls into moderation (meaning I don’t post their comments until after I read and approve them) as they make me sick.

The Democratic convention starts today.

There is something I want to add about the current situation.

I believe the emails hacked from the DNC are authentic.

They demonstrate that the DNC favored Hillary and did not like Bernie.

This is hardly surprising since she has long been a Democrat stalwart, and he only recently joined the party to run for president.

It is not clear whether the DNC changed anyone’s vote.

I heard Bernie’s campaign manager on CNN saying that the election was not “stolen.”

Bernie ran a remarkable and inspiring campaign, depending on small donors, not big givers. He lost.

Hillary won more votes than Bernie, 15.5 million for her and 11.9 million for him.

She won more delegates (not including the super delegates). The final pledged delegate count was 2,220 to 1,831. The super delegates put her over the top, but why would they have voted for the candidate who won fewer votes?

If the Russian government hacked the DNC, then released the emails to help Trump, then, yes, that does matter independently of what the emails say.

And I reiterate: the emails are real, not fabricated.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz should have been fired long ago, along with the top staff.

She should not have left with an honorific title as “honorary chairman” of the campaign.

If she appears at the convention, she will be booed and jeered, and if she is wise, she should not go to the podium.

The Democratic party needs to embrace Bernie Sanders’ ideas and stop aligning with the 1%.

Here is where matters stand today:

Bottom line: the choice now is Hillary or Trump.

If you don’t like Hillary, vote for Trump or Stein or Anderson or stay home.

If you opt out of this election, prepare for President Trump.

As readers of this blog know, I think Donald Trump is unqualified to be president of the United States. He is both arrogant and ignorant, a bully and a flimflam man, a con artist and a nativist. A man who is quick to sneer and insult others, especially Hispanics, African Americans, women, people with disabilities, and anyone who dares to disagree with him. It is no wonder that the leaders of the Republican party refused to attend his coronation in Cleveland. One of his rivals, John Kasich, not only refused to attend the convention but put up a TV ad (see here) warning that he is dangerous (“first they came for the Muslims, but I was not a Muslim, so I didn’t care…”).

He seems never to have read the Constitution and has no understanding of checks and balances. He alone can “fix” all our problems. The Supreme Court and the future hang in the balance.

I believe this is the most consequential election of my lifetime.

No matter who you supported in the primaries, the choice is Hillary or Trump. No one else will be elected president.

I hope you will use your vote to stop Trump.

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