Teacher educator Alan Singer is one of the most persistent critics of the draconian disciplinary policies of Eva Moskowitz’s charter chain, which is celebrated for its sky-high test scores. In this post, he reviews her “great” literacy curriculum and finds it not so great.

He bristles at her repeated use of the word “great,” which keeps reminding him of Donald Trump. Great, great, great! The best! None better!

He reminds us that what is not so great about the Success Academy charter chain is its treatment of children, its high teacher turnover, and its incessant boasting.

He reviews her curriculum and notes:

According to Eva’s “great” curriculum, (1) Great writers always have a strong, key idea; (2) Great writers always include evidence that develops, supports, or proves their idea; (3) Great writers always organize their writing so that it’s simple and clear and avoids redundancy; (4) Great writers always reread their writing and make it better by revising; (5) Great writers always check that their grammar, punctuation, and spelling are correct.

I think Eva should have included a sixth component in her guidelines for “great writers.” Great writers do not plagiarize. These “tactics” appear to come come straight from the New York State Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards without any citation.