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CREDO: Going to a Virtual Charter is a Waste of Time

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Threatened Out West: apparently you haven’t got your NCTQ [National Council on Teacher Quality] certification in rheephorm math.

According to the old and rather useless math taught by lazy LIFO teachers with that dreadful teaching training behind them and years of experience and sometimes extensive related qualifications in STEM fields that involve numbers & figures & stats and such, 180 – 180 = 0.

They foolishly think it’s just so gosh darn simple.

Well, let me set you straight: this is where you, and so many others that grandly call for a “better education for all,” make your most fundamental mistake.

There’s something much bigger and better and important at stake here. We need to creatively disrupt the old math and replace it with something more amenable to the cage busting achievement gap crushing 21st century.

180 – 180 = $tudent $ucce$$.


And yes, you are correct, your firsthand knowledge of what real live students get out of their virtual charter “education” is just anecdotal and does count for 0 aka nada aka nil aka nothing.

The only time anecdotes are acceptable is when they are used for such exemplars of fiscal transparency and obeying the rules governing everyone else as the $ucce$$ Academies of Saint Eva Moskowitz who selflessly works for a little less than $600,[email protected] and a little less than [email protected]@year for maybe 10,000 students while that Mammon-lover Carmen Fariña makes a little more than a third of [email protected] and a little less than 25¢@[email protected] for over a million students.


I am sorry for the length of my blistering rheephormista-style reply to your comments but someone has to remind you that if you can’t get your math in order, then you are probably the kind of person that thinks that Diane Ravitch and Bobby Jindal are not practically one and the same. *See this blog, today.*


Look, if you need a math refresher, I refer you to the not-very-lamented until-recently-departed Supt. of LAUSD, John Deasy. He claimed shortly before leaving that he got graduation rates up to 12% but that was because he left out all those pesky students that are known in the ed biz as “graduation rate suppressors”; if you include those “non-strivers” [thank you, Mr. Michael J Petrilli!] then the graduation rate only went up 2%. *And don’t include fudging definitions and time lines to get that 2% either, bud!*

Perhaps there is a lesson here for you and many others. Unlike you, the heavyweights and enforcers and enablers of the “education reform” movement are big fans of Homer and honor this admonition whenever they can get away with it:

“I didn’t lie, I was writing fiction with my mouth.”

That is, Homer SIMPSON. Not the old dead Greek guy. Sorry for the confusion…

Let me conclude by saying that I hope I am not being presumptuous by saying that I think you would agree with me—

That your comments are spot on. I never miss reading something that starts with “Threatened Out West.”


Because usually the only thing being threatened, when it comes to the business plan that masquerades as an education model, is ignorance.

Go figure…


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