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Donald Trump is a Traitor

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Jake Tapper summarized the case about Donald Trump’s traitorous actions here. Watch this video.

What happened on January 6 was a failed coup. Many of Trump’s MAGA base joined the mob innocently.

But the mob was led by trained militia men, equipped to take hostages, prepared with flex cuffs, which police use to handcuff suspects.

The mob chanted “Hang Mike Pence.”

The mob knew the location of the secret Capitol offices of Democratic leaders.

They went looking for them.

Members of Congress exited the Chambers only a minute or two before the mob. If they had not escaped, there would have been mayhem.

The mob would have seized the leaders of Congress and VP Pence, handcuffed them, perhaps given them a show trial, perhaps executed them.

What then? Our democracy and our Constitution shredded. Would Trump declare himself President for Life?

What happened was terrifying. What might have happened would have been far, far worse.

Trump toadies are incorrigible. How to explain the members of Congress who emerged from their hiding place to vote to sustain Trump’s lies and to overturn a free and fair election? How to explain the perfidy of Senators Cruz and Hawley? How to explain the majority of House Republicans, who voted in support of a man who incited a coup against our democracy and our Constitution?

There must be a full investigation, including an inquiry into why the Defense Department, led by Trump toadies, did not send the National Guard to the Capitol for four hours and denied the governors of Maryland and Virginia permission to send their National Guard to protect the seat of our government.

Donald Trump is a traitor.

Donald Trump incited a coup attempt.

Donald Trump is a fascist.

Donald Trump must be held criminally accountable for his actions.

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