Ezra Klein watched Lesley Stahl interview Donald Trump and Mike Pence on “60 Minutes,” and the sheer incoherence of their answers left Klein wondering if Trump actually wants to be president.

He is going to get tough on ISIS, unlike President Obama and Hillary Clinton, by declaring war on ISIS. Stahl asks what then. Trump says he won’t send ground troops, he will rely on NATO and Turkey to do the fighting. He has previously said that we give NATO too much support.

When Stahl asked about Trump’s opposition to the war in Iraq, she pointed out that Mike Pence voted for the war (he was a co-sponsor of the resolution to go to war). Trump said he didn’t care, the vote was a long time ago.

But, she asked, why do you keep harping on Hillary Clinton’s vote but not your running mate.

Read how Trump slips around that question.