Gene V. Glass, distinguished professor of research at Arizona State University, forwarded this story to me. He posted it on his blog in 2014. I am just getting around to posting it now. The story is as current now as it was then. It is terrifying, in fact.


Some charter schools are pressure cookers. Some take the “no excuses” idea to an extreme. The mother in this post tells what happened to her son at the BASIS school in San Antonio. He couldn’t live up to their expectations. They were trying to mold him, pummel him, compel him to measure up. He cracked. No excuses.


Start with the education:


The Education

Our son is a 6th grade student. His education at BASIS included Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Art History, World History, Biology, Physical Education. Every night starting the first day of school, he was assigned between 3-5 hours worth of homework. Throughout the school year, he gave up all extracurricular activities in order to complete the homework requirements. By the end of the school year, he would come home at 4 pm, open his books and go to bed at 9 pm only stopping to eat dinner. If he did not have his homework completed 100% by the next school day, he would receive a zero on the homework assignment. The homework assignments and projects were also required on Saturday and Sunday.


Read the story. It is gripping and very sad. Also frightening.