In Case You Missed It, Here Is Bill Clinton’s Speech at the Convention Last Night

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Eleanor says:

Bill Clinton: Uplifting rhetoric, soul-crushing policies.

Talk is cheap, Bill.

Americans are waking up – once Hillary is installed in the WH, it will be a bit harder to do business as usual, as Obama did. She certainly hasn’t helped build up her trust with her embrace of the venal DWS (D- Payday Lenders), selection of a pro-TPP and bank deregulating VP candidate, stopping an anti-TPP plank, and then having her surrogate, Terry McAuliffe (D- Wall Street) saying that, of course, Hillary will support TPP.

BTW, how many of you are feeling cheap and used after the Clinton campaign floated the political equivalent of clickbait by planting new stories of a possible Warren VP? How many took their eye off the prize (issues of economic justice) and were taken in by the bright shiny object of gender (identity) politics?

Monica Lewinksy also was dazzled by Bill Clinton. She was a young, impressionable woman who was treated with pure contempt by the Clintons. The contempt continues today, but it’s targets are the poor, the working classes and the commons.

An aware electorate will be pushing back.

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