The story about Trump’s rambling news conference had this headline in the Washington Post:

“Trump Invites Russia to Meddle in the U.S. Presidential Race with Clinton’s Emails.”

This is a story that is very troublesome.

He is running for president of the United States, and he asks a foreign power to intervene in the presidential contest.

This is unprecedented.

Either he is suffering from some kind of classifiable mental disorder.

Or he has terrible judgment.

Or he is unbelievably ignorant of foreign affairs and national security.

Or he is a traitor, who puts the interests of a foreign nation above that of his own.

Does he realize that his warm and fuzzy approach to President Putin makes our European allies very nervous?

His comments reek of megalomania at best.

I know I should ignore what he says, but I can’t. At present, he is leading in most polls. A majority of the American electorate appears ready to elect him to lead our nation. If his mutterings do not trouble you, then you have a stronger stomach than I do.

I daresay I am older than 95% of readers. People who run for president are supposed to be leaders, protectors, defenders of our democracy. They are supposed to have the best interests of our nation uppermost in their thoughts. They are not supposed to invite other nations to meddle in our elections. I don’t get it.

Is he the Manchurian Candidate?