Jack Covey is a pseudonym for a teacher in California who comments here often and does prodigious research.


Recently he has been digging into a biofeedback company called Neurocore in which Betsy DeVos has invested millions of dollars. It is based in Grand Rapids, so maybe the owner is a friend or relative. DeVos has said that she will not divest her investment in this company even though there is a clear conflict of interest with the duties of the Secretary of Education.


Jack Covey is convinced that the Brain-enhancement methods of this company are unscientific. He calls it “quack.”


He posted this comment. I recommend the YouTube link to a comedy show I never heard of. I love the bit where “Top researchers warn that dreams can kill you…” I don’t know how Jack comes up with these things. You gotta watch the video.


Jack Covey writes:


“I just thought of another comparison to Neuro-core’s farcical pseudo-science.


“Back in the 1980’s, SCTV did a TV parody of a National Enquirer-based TV show (actually called the “The National Midnight Star” TV Show), and the late John Candy would portray a medical expert or “Top Researcher.”


“Here he is explaining… Dr. Tim-Neurocore-style … how “dreams can kill you”:


(at 00:16 – )

(at 00:16 – )


ANCHORMAN: “Your dreams can kill you, say Top Researchers.”,


TOP RESEARCHER: (graphic reads “Top Researcher”)


“It’s true. Say you were dreaming that you were at a party, and that you’re just wearing … your underwear … or you were running, and you were being chased, but it was real slow because your feet were like lead … and you’ll …


“You’ll probably die.”