Jeff Bryant reviews the claims for and against the testing that has now become the central feature of April.


State and local officials assure us that the tests will help children, but they don’t.


State and local officials insist that they will close the achievement gap, but for decades they have measured it, not closed it.


Blah, blah, blah.


The tests in use today don’t help anyone but the testing corporations.


The results come back  in the fall or maybe as early as the summer, when the students have a different teacher or are not even in school.


The results don’t explain what the students got wrong so they have no diagnostic or instructional value.


They tell students if they passed or failed, but the students don’t know why and neither do the teachers.


What a waste of time and money.


The great puzzle is why all those officials–federal, state, and local–demand, insist, declare that students must take these useless tests. Why do they want the data when the data don’t help the students?