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Mercedes Schneider: Rocketship Charters and Bladder Issues

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KrazyTA says:

Chiara: this posting and thread are a reminder that when corporate education reform so often “tweaks” one part of a system in a certain way—no matter that it seems somewhat trivial—there is an underlying principle guiding their pedagogical and management practices.

On a more superficial level, this might seem to be just an example of an accidental worst practice. But it’s not some unintended byproduct of rheephorm because it makes perfect sense if the point is to make ₵ent¢, i.e., $tudent $ucce$$ as measured by ROI—

Leaving aside the dubious fiction of a real distinction between for-profit and non-profit rheephorm charters, for example; clearly not in sync with the rheephorm mantra of “it’s all for the kids!”

And another example of how a zealous focus on the scores generated by high-stakes standardized tests and their kin—and the misuse and abuse of those numerical chimeras—overwhelm decency and honor.

Always to be understood as intended for, and pushed down the throats of, OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN.

For THEIR OWN CHILDREN, for the schools they intend to err on the side of indignity and humiliation—

Need I say more?

Thank you for your comments.


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