Nevada Governor Appoints Education Reform Policy Committee with No Educators on It

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A math teacher in Nevada sent me a copy of Governor Sandoval’s executive order creating an “education policy reform roundtable.”


The following industries are represented: Casinos; Agriculture; Tourism; Healthcare; Mining; Defense; Merchants.

“After the ceremony [his swearing-in], Sandoval signed two executive orders, one establishing the Governor’s Business Roundtable for Education Policy Reform, and the other naming the old state Senate Chamber in the Capitol as “Battle Born Hall” to serve as the permanent home of the state’s 150th anniversary celebration.

“Sandoval spoke briefly about the orders in his office, saying the roundtable will help him in his commitment to improving public education over the next four years. He did not provide any details of his plans to improve public education, which will come when he presents his budget on Jan. 15.

“The roundtable will develop policy recommendations, including more efficient allocations of public funding, and identifying areas in need of improved curriculum to meet the highest achievement standards for all Nevada students.

“We are bringing representatives from all our specific sectors throughout our economy to come together to talk about how we can improve our schools, provide that curriculum of the future so that as we develop this new Nevada economy we will have that workforce,” he said.”


Who is NOT on the committee: Educators. No teachers, principals, district superintendents, or other school personnel.


Well, there will be one representative of education: Dale Erquiaga, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, who was appointed in 2013 by the Governor.


He doesn’t have teaching experience, but he is in charge of education for the state.



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