The NPE Action Fund endorsed Drew Franklin for D.C. City Council!

NPE Action is the c(4) political action arm of the Network for Public Education, which is authorized to make political endorsements.

Franklin, a writer and Occupy Wall Street activist, explains his support for education as follows:

“I am committed to community control of public schools in DC, which is home to some of the country’s most extreme racial inequities in education. Ten years of corporate reform has only made the situation worse. It’s time for teachers and the communities they serve to reclaim the promise of public school systems-of-right. My platform calls for an end to mayoral control of DC’s public and charter school systems, a total moratorium on public school closures, and alternatives to high-stakes standardized testing. I believe experienced teachers are the experts when it comes to determining what students need to grow and thrive in the classroom, and that quality education is best achieved through collaboration rather than privatization. You cannot fire your way to good schools.”

Denisha Jones is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Howard University. She is an administrator for the BATs and United Opt Out, and regularly exposes the dangers of privatizing public education. She has the following to say about Drew.

“Drew Franklin understands the dangers of allowing big money to corrupt public education. He will not accept campaign funds from corporate education reformers and he understand that public education is a human right and not a tool for big business.”

Drew believes that it is important that families and communities have a say in the governance of public schools.

“I am opposed to mayoral control of public schools and believe public accountability is only possible through democratically elected school boards and participatory community organizations.”

Drew will face off against his opponent incumbent, David Grosso, in the November 8th election.