Stephen Dyer of Innovation Ohio reports that the virtual charter school Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow spent $2.7 million on advertising.


Dyer writes:


The Dispatch reported this weekend that the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow — the nation’s largest for-profit charter school run by huge political donor William Lager that received all Fs and one D on the latest report card — spent $2.7 million last year on advertising. That bill equates to $155 per student. That’s about 2% of their budget.


Let’s have some fun with numbers, shall we?


If every district in this state spent 2% of its overall expenditures on advertising, that would be $381 million — or about the amount that was sent from higher performing districts to lower performing charters in the 2012-2013 school year

That $381 million is more than was budgeted in the state funding formula to pay for all the state’s poverty aid for this school year

If every district in this state spent $155 per pupil on advertising, that would be $246 million

That $246 million is more than the state was budgeted to spend in its funding formula for the third-grade reading guarantee, gifted education and career-technical education … COMBINED



The owner of ECOT is a generous donor to legislators and the Governor. That is why there is no accountability for the “school’s” poor results. Its graduation rate is 35%. Dyer wonders why they are permitted to advertise without disclosing their poor results.