Liz Spayd, the public editor of the New York Times, published a shocking report on the newspaper’s tortured decision not to report on the federal government’s investigation of communications between the Trump camp and the Russian government.


The title of her article: “Trump, Russia, and the News Story That Wasn’t.”


The federal investigators did not want the story to get out because they did not want it to interfere with their investigation.


The Times’ editors debated whether they could report the investigation without disclosing any of the details.


They ultimately decided not to print the story about the investigation at all.


Spayd implies that she did not agree with the decision. She says that in the clash between the government and the newspaper, the government won.


All the “what ifs” keep coming up. If the Times had published the story that Trump was under investigation by the FBI, he very likely would not be president today.


What would you have done?