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Philadelphia Will Hire 400 Teachers Next Fall

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Unfortunately teachers seem to be letting themselves be sold a bag of manure on pensions these days.

Between the legalized pension theft of the governors, the precedents for shedding pensions in bankruptcy, the legislative move to let pensions that are in deep trouble cut benefits, the use of pension funds to pay exorbitant fees to hedge fund managers, and the bargaining of lower pay for the promise of pensions. If education weren’t cut to the bone we’d be smart to shed ourselves of pensions and just demand the money that we thought we were saving them by allowing them to not pay us our full value all at once.

Given the times we live in – we are paying an awful lot for that promise. I’m not at all sure how long it can stay up with all of these competing interests chomping at pensions both the incoming money and the outgoing money keep up as the ones who will lose out ironically will be the ones who earned the money and accepted the trade off.

Teachers may be better off (thought I get the “security” of tenure, pensions and such – believe me – I know) if we rid ourselves of these fallacies simply because it’s costing us so much to hold onto them – show us the money now – not later.

If we want teachers, then pay them right, we’re not sticking around just because we’re losers which seems to be the predominant mindset since they seem to think we’ll endure any and all abuses and stick around.

We’re here for the children, but we’re also not charity cases and we invest in our ability to provide that education.

Districts are going to hurt when they realize that keeping good teachers is going to require more than nice words, particularly for the neediest students (as teachers will usually sacrifice anything for a better work environment which high poverty schools usually have trouble providing).

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