Reformers have been judging student, teachers, principals, and schools by data. They have closed schools by the thousands if their data looked bad. They think that schools are like burger joints that should close if they don’t make a profit. Just like business.

This reader disagrees:

“Reformers are fond of saying that schools need business practices. They claim that a school is essentially the same operation as a business.

“If this is true, then a certain logic follows. While reformers are quick to point to school failures and business successes, even they admit that not all schools are failing and not all businesses are succeeding. So if the institutions are equivalent, successful schools should be able to help failing businesses with school principles.

“So let’s bring school principles to business!

“If reformers truly believe that schools are businesses, then they must also believe that businesses are schools. If a dollar equals one hundred cents, then one hundred cents equals a dollar.

“Let’s bring school principles to business!

“And come to think of it, American business has a lot of the failings so often ascribed to education. They say that we are not competitive with many Asian systems of education. Well, the economies of these countries are gobbling up market share in the US at horrendous speed. Wall Street: Singapore is eating your lunch! Silicone Valley: all of “your” stuff is made in China! Detroit: Japan has been leaving tread marks on your back for 40 years! OMG, we have a Nation At Risk! American businesses need school principles!”

What would business look like if operated like schools?