With all the moaning about public sector pensions, it’s good to know that one retired educator won’t have to worry about what Governor Cuomo does.

Retired principal Harold Diamond won $326 million, the biggest lottery prize in Néw York history.

“Diamond worked for 39 years in the Monticello School District and was principal at George L. Cook Elementary before he retired in 1995. [His wife] Carol Diamond is a 36-year veteran of the Goshen School District where she taught math at Goshen High School before retiring in 1994.

“Diamond opted to take the cash value, a single lump sum payment totaling $197,456,087. His net check will total $130,676,438 after withholdings. He said his plans for the money include helping family and “giving back to the local community.”

Hopefully, the lucky Mr. Diamond will help his local school districts survive the state’s tax cap, budget cuts, and other financial handicaps.

It is wonderful to see a couple who have devoted their lives to public service hit the jackpot. Millions of other educators are not so lucky and must depend on state and local officials to value public education and their dedicated service to our nation’s children.