Rumors are swirling about whether Deborah Gist will be reappointed as Commissioner of Education in Rhode Island. RI public radio prematurely announced that her contract would not be renewed but the state board said that no decision had been made. Gist is one of the few remaining members of Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change. She has been an advocate for high-stakes testing and charter schools. She received national attention (and acclaim by Duncan and President Obama) for supporting the mass firing of the staff at Central Falls High School (some of whom were rehired).

Politico reports:

“THE ACCIDENTAL STATE SUPERINTENDENT: Rhode Island Education Commissioner Deborah Gist is known as a change agent, an education reformer who ushered in a new era of teacher evaluations, lifted the state cap on charter schools and created a statewide funding formula based on school district capacity and student need. But her turbulent time in office might be coming to an end. Her contract expires this June and the state board hasn’t indicated whether they’ll renew it. Gist says she has more work to do, such as implementing the state’s five-year education plan and expanding access to early childhood education. But she’s mum on her career plans. “I’ve never been someone who takes a job and thinks how that’s going to propel me to the next thing,” Gist said. In fact, she never even meant to leave her job teaching students in the classroom. I have the story, part of POLITICO’s Women Rule: Getting There series:”;

The article is no longer behind a paywall. It is here.