The Federal Impact Aid program was intended to relieve the fiscal burden in districts where there are large numbers of military families or other federal programs or facilities that reduce their revenues. Right wingers want to convert the money into vouchers. This in turn would cut the budgets of the public schools now receiving impact aid.

Question: Why do these right wingers hate public schools?

Politico Morning Education reports:

“HAPPENING THIS MORNING: The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, hosts a conversation with Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) on legislation he is pushing to create Education Savings Accounts out of a federal program that boosts funding for districts that are home to wide swaths of public land or reservations. The bill is modeled off a Heritage proposal and would offer Education Savings Accounts to military families to pay for expenses like private school tuition, educational materials and contributions to college savings accounts. It would be paid through the $1.3 billion federal Impact Aid program, which provides a financial boost to districts that lack a large tax base because of a national park, military base or Native American reservation within their boundaries. The event kicks off at 9 a.m. at 214 Massachusetts Ave., NE. in D.C.

– Groups representing military families and the school districts that serve them have come out in opposition to the legislation, however. “These bills are a bad deal for families, students and taxpayers,” National Association of Federally Impacted Schools Executive Director Hilary Goldmann said Thursday. “Diverting Impact Aid funding from public schools will undermine the education and support systems for federally connected students.”