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Seattle’s Policy on Opting Out: Not So Subtle Coercion

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From a reader in Seattle:



Here’s what they’re saying in Seattle.



________ I have read and understand that:


 This refusal will be filed with the student’s permanent record.


 Students who do not participate will receive a “zero” score on the assessment and no score report for teachers or families to view.


 A zero will negatively impact the school’s overall results in assessments such as Smarter Balanced.


 Teachers will not receive results that could otherwise be used as a tool to measure the student’s academic growth in the core academic areas of reading, writing, math, and/or science.


 Families will not receive results that will enable them to chart the student’s growth over time.


 High school juniors without Smarter Balanced assessment results will not be eligible for the remedial testing waiver offered by state colleges.


 Students who do not participate will receive supervision but not instruction during assessment time.


 Students who do not receive a score for the high school state assessment in required subjects, or an approved alternative, will not be able to obtain a high school diploma.


We’re not taking the test. I’m phasing out of teaching now — I started in Title I schools, and am ending with charters, both physical and virtual — so I’ve reasonably little fear of reprisals against my teaching license. And keep in mind, my son attends a high-performing school (over 90% proficient), with only 5% or so FRPL. Save Seattle Schools (http://saveseattleschools.blogspot.com/), an excellent local blog, has offered response to each of these mendacious threats, and I believe them.


This enforced compliance is unconscionable for all parties involved.

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