The Education Writers Association held a panel discussion on the future of the Common Core. The panel included strong advocates for the controversial standards but no equally strong critic.

Is EWA afraid of a genuine debate?

“DENVER, Colorado – The Common Core needs to avoid an internet catastrophe with its new tests for the country to embrace the new multi-state education standards, a panel of experts agreed Thursday,

“It will need to survive the release of low test scores in late summer, just as Republican Presidential debates begin.

“And it will have to overcome ongoing “misinformation” – as supporters call it – before the public will fully accept it.”

Very likely there was no discussion of the millions of dollars spent by the Gates Foundation to sell the standards. Some of those millions went to EWA panelists.

It would not have been difficult to find a credible critic, like Anthony Cody, Carol Burris, Stephen Krashen, or other qualified voices.