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Thomas Pedroni: Detroit School Board Votes to Reopen Schools Despite Concerns of Teachers and Parents

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Steve M says:

None here has offered a single suggestion regarding how to protect vulnerable elderly persons. Your default is to carry on as they are…which leads to 500 – 1000 deaths per day in the US. 93% of those deaths are vulnerable elderly persons, six percent are unhealthy middle aged persons and one percent are adults between 18 and 40.

I’ve heard nothing but maundering, the rending of clothes and the tearing of hair. My bad; also derision.

I’ve given some practical suggestions regarding how we should handle this (firm isolation of vulnerable elderly persons; minimal disruptions to normal school openings; allowing 20 – 30% of vulnerable students and faculty to engage in remote learning). Nothing productive has been proposed by anyone else here and I assume that many on the retired posters take umbrage with my suggestion…too bad.

Snarky young adults suggest that the Boomer generation should have its wealth confiscated – to pay the $25 trillion of national debt that it has racked up. I actually agree with that sentiment to a large degree.

Online schooling is harmful to students, particularly disabled students and EL students; those posters that have engaged in it know this to be true. Starting the new school year via remote learning will have much more profound negative effects than did finishing last year in that fashion. South Korea found that to be true when they began the first two months of their new year once spring began. Japan spent even less time using remote learning [most asian countries begin their school years with the coming of spring and have two months off during winter.] They are leaps and bounds ahead of the US in terms of available technology and educational infrastructure.

Online instruction is a dead issue amongst progressive educators; shame on those that propose more of it.

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