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Thank you for reading. Thank you for sending me links to stories in your local newspaper. Thank  you for having my back, as I try to have yours.


Thank you for understanding, forgiving, and correcting my typos. Please know that most of my posts are written on my cell phone, often in a taxi, an elevator, or sitting on a park bench. I make mistakes. For those of you who are new to reading the blog, please know that I work alone; I have no assistants, no secretary. It is just me, the computer (or cell phone), and you. No advertising ever.


This blog practices a policy of free speech. Those who disagree are welcome to join in the conversation, but within certain limits. Be aware that you are in my virtual living room. If you become rude, crude, or uncivil, you will be asked to desist; if you do not desist, you will be kicked out. If you insult your host (me), you will be asked to leave, politely but firmly. If you habitually rant against teachers because you have a stereotyped image of them, out  you go. It is a large living room, but there is no room for haters or conspiracy theorists.


Thank you for joining the Resistance. Thank you for fighting the Status Quo. Together we will prevail because the people financing the assault on public education have no successes; all their policies have failed. We fight for real education, where children can experience the joy of learning and the quest to know. We oppose the monetization and privatization of public education. We oppose high-stakes testing. We support the teaching profession. We support children’s right to learn without fear or labels or rankings or ratings.


We give one another courage and hope. We share the bad news and the good news. Be informed. Learn the language of doublethink so you don’t believe it.


What can you do to help? Join your local or state organization of parents and teachers supporting public education. Support the opt out movement. The best way to stop this monster consuming education is to take away its data. It is kind of like throwing water on the Wicked Witch. Don’t let your children become data points.


Come to the annual meeting of the Network for Public Education in Raleigh, North Carolina, on April 16-17 and say hello. I have a selfie stick that was a gift from the Newark Students Union at the last annual meeting. We can take pictures together. Join us.

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