Todd Farley wrote an insider’s view of the testing industry called “Making the Grades.” I highly recommend it. He said in the book that the standardized tests should not be used to determine anyone’s future. Read it!

He writes:

Opting Out?

​I spent fifteen years working in the testing industry, so of course I’ll be opting my sons out of the state tests.

Like I’d allow a completely-unregulated multi-billion dollar industry with a staggering history of errors to have any say in my children’s lives???

In fact, not only will I be opting my boys out, I’m doing it preemptively: My oldest is only in kindergarten, but I’m getting the letter ready now. My youngest is about seven years away from third grade, but if these silly tests still reign supreme then I can promise you I just won’t be opting the kids out: I’ll be leading a torch- and pitchfork-waving mob up to Pearson’s headquarters in midtown New York City, where some meddlesome education reformer who thinks he can make decisions about my boys’ lives is gonna’ get himself tarred and feathered.

And if anyone has any doubt that opting out is the only sane choice for your children, hear what really goes on behind the curtain of the standardized testing industry:

March 24

Earth School Auditorium
(600 E 6th St)

“Your Kids, Bad Data, and Corporate Profits:
Why a Testing Industry Insider
Is Refusing the Tests”