Vanity Fair reports that Twitter is a-twitter because of Trump’s little mash notes to Vladimir Putin.


Trump does have a crush on Putin.


He didn’t know that Russia had invaded Crimea, and now that he knows he doesn’t care.


He doesn’t know that businessmen who dare to cross Putin lose everything and are imprisoned.


He doesn’t know that dissidents and journalists have been murdered for daring to criticize Putin.


Or maybe he does know, and doesn’t care.


I am weary with commenters who defend the tyrant Putin and say that “we” (the U.S.) are trying to recreate the Cold War, that we are warmongers, and that Russia is an innocent victim of our hysteria. Listen, the Russians are not Communists any more. Putin is a dictator and a tyrant. He plays Trump like a violin. Trump is a chump. Trump’s innocence and ignorance put the former Soviet satellite colonies in Europe at risk of a Russian re-invasion. Putin has no ideology other than power and control. He would love to see Trump break up NATO. He hacked into our election and supported Trump. Trump recognizes his debt to Putin. That’s why he continues to blow him kisses.