The Guardian reports that lobbyist and union-buster Richard Berman has a new target:

“Over the last year, Berman has secretly routed funding for at least 16 studies and launched at least five front groups attacking Environmental Protection Agency rules cutting carbon dioxide from power plants, the Guardian has learned.”

This is the centerpiece of Obama’s agenda for combatting climate change.

Readers of this blog know Berman as leader of the “Center for Union Facts,” which blames teachers unions for low scores. In the recent past, he bought a full-page ad in the Néw York Times attacking Randi Weingarten and a large billboard in NYC’s Times Square repeating the same unfounded claims.

I am still waiting for Berman to explain why states without teachers unions have lower scores on NAEP than those with strong unions, like Massachusetts, Néw Jersey, and Connecticut.

But he is off to bigger targets.