This is a C-SPAN video of today’s event where Hillary Clinton introduced Tim Kaine, and Tim Kaine told the nation who he is, what he believes, where he comes from.

His wife Anne is the daughter of a former governor of Virginia. After the Brown decision, he state had a history of fighting desegregation and court orders. Anne’s father enrolled his children in the local integrated public school to be an example of complying with the law and the courts. Tim and Anne Kaine sent their own children to integrated public schools in Richmond.

Tim was educated in a Jesuit high school, and he takes his faith seriously. He wants to make a difference in helping others. When he left law school, he spent a year in Honduras as a missionary, where he became a fluent speaker of Spanish. After Honduras, he became a civil rights lawyer. He helped people who had been defrauded by landlords, bankers, real estate developers, and agents. He is one of only 20 people who have ever been elected mayor, governor, and senator. He knows politics from the ground up. He listens.

I was very impressed when I watched this event live. I thought, this is an honest man. This guy is real. He doesn’t boast or brag. He is humble. He is sincere about faith, family, and hard work. He connects with people because they see and feel that he has character.