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Write Congress Now to Say No! To “Student Success Act”!

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The Network for Public Education urges you to write your Congressman or Congresswoman now.

The Network For Public Education | We are many. There is power in our numbers. Together, we will save our schools.

Tell Congress: Vote NO on H.R. 5 – The Student Success Act

It has been reported that the US House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 5, the “Student Success Act,” on Friday, February 27th. The bill, which is the House’s version of the long overdue reauthorization of No Child Left Behind, was rushed through the House Education and the Workforce Committee with no public hearings. The bill is deeply flawed, and raises many concerns for public education allies.

There are four crucial issues:

Requires that states test all children in grades 3-8 and once in high school, even though no high performing nation tests all children every year

Makes Title I funds portable, which will decrease funding to the schools in greatest need, and opens the door for vouchers

Limits Title II funding to 10% for class size reduction

Increases funding for charter schools and encourages the growth and expansion of Charter Management Organizations (CMOs), which will advance the privatization movement

The time is now to send a clear message that we demand better for our children and our schools. Please join NPE and write your Representative today to let him/her know you oppose the passage of this bill.

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