There are several requirements to become a windstorm inspector in Texas. Some positions require sixty college hours of training, although you can substitute them on a year-for-year basis. Applicants must have knowledge of windstorm building code, Texas gulf coast laws, and applicable policies and procedures. In addition to the training, the applicant must be proficient with personal computers and must know how to enter and extract data from Oracle databases. Skills testing will be conducted during the interview process.


The Texas Department of Insurance has requirements for windstorm inspectors to meet, which includes completing AQI-1 application and attending a webinar. Qualifications for becoming a windstorm inspector are different in each state, but many of the same requirements apply. A windstorm inspector must have knowledge of the windstorm building code, Texas gulf coast laws, and any applicable policies or procedures. He or she must be proficient in personal computers and able to enter and extract data from Oracle. During the interview, he or she will have to demonstrate this knowledge and competency.

The gulf coast counties of Texas are constantly exposed to the high winds, water, and flooding that can come with hurricanes. Although Texas does have a windstorm insurance fund, there aren’t many major insurance carriers in these counties, so the Texas Department of Insurance (TXDOI) performs compliance inspections to ensure that buildings are compliant with the state’s building codes. Certification as a windstorm inspector is important because the job allows you to work in a high-risk environment and with hurricanes and other natural disasters.


If you’re interested in learning more about windstorms and the ways to mitigate them, then you should consider training to become a windstorm inspector. There are many benefits to this type of certification. Not only can you provide quality reports to clients, but you may also be eligible for credits or discounts for insurance premiums. You can fulfill your continuing education requirements by taking up this course. If you’re already working in the field, you can benefit from this training as well.

You can earn your certification by completing a training course offered by InterNACHI. The course covers everything from capturing digital images and storing them to evaluating conditions and forming opinions. You’ll also learn how to use the various inspection tools and write up your findings. InterNACHI is a professional association that offers a free online wind mitigation inspection training course. It’s free and will help you get the wind mitigation training you need to become a windstorm inspector.


Whether you’re a home owner looking to add safety to your home or a commercial property owner who wants to protect your investment, becoming a windstorm inspector can be lucrative. Windstorm inspections are required by law in 14 Texas counties. Once you’ve become a certified windstorm inspector, you can submit your reports to the TDI for credit and discounts on insurance premiums. In Texas, windstorm certificates are mandatory for coastal property owners. You can learn more about becoming a windstorm inspector by reading the following article.

Training for wind mitigation inspection is free and you can become a certified inspector within a few weeks. In Florida, you must complete the OIR-B1-1802 form. This form provides the insurance company with information about the features of the home that make it wind-resistant. You can even download the logos and flyers for free if you are a certified windstorm inspector. If you want to become a windstorm inspector, you should consider becoming a member of InterNACHI. It’s an affordable way to become a windstorm inspector and can offer you more than 60 different certifications.

Insurance premium discounts

Florida state regulators require all insurers to give windstorm inspectors a discount on their residential policies. These discounts don’t apply to condominium association policies. However, these discounts have been around for years, and insurers have been offering them to customers who take precautions to reduce the risk of hurricanes. Don Meyler Inspections, one of the largest windstorm inspection firms in the country, is among those who will benefit from them.

If you haven’t had your home inspected by a windstorm inspector, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this discount. These inspectors will check the construction methods used on your home to make sure they’ll be more resistant to windstorm damage. It only takes an hour to perform a windstorm inspection, and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. If you’re considering a windstorm-resistance home, this is a great way to protect your investment and property value. You can schedule your windstorm inspection anytime, and your insurance company will issue you a check for the discount.

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